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Target Red Card – Target Credit Card Company – Security Risk! – Stolen Credit Card Number

I don’t think I ever mentioned this before, but I added a few more pictures of the cats and the bun buns to the “Pet’s I” album about a week or so ago. Matt has also written a few new posts in the past few weeks if you haven’t been there for awhile you can check that out.

CREDIT CARD UPDATE: Click here to read a previous blog entry about our stolen credit card number.

We were told that they probably wouldn’t know anything for a good week, so we decided not to pester them any more and to try not to focus on it for a week. While it was still in the back of our minds it was sure nice to not dwell on it all week. Our week did finally come to an end and Matt did speak with them today. For the most part the news is good.

Both Home Depot and Best Buy are going to reimburse us. The only catch is that it could take up to 8 months. If they find the person/group of people responsible before then then we will get our money back at that time. The 8 months is a time frame they give to investigate it all. After the 8 months they assume they won’t be found and they give you the money. Best Buy’s was actually 2 years, but have agreed to match what Home Depot is doing for us. The down side is that we will not be reimbursed for any interest that accrues. Which means that we will be losing some money due to all of this, however, we’re only talking probably a few hundred dollars compared to $5,000.00. It’s not really fair that we should lose a dime, but for now this is exceptional news. I’m not positive, but I was thinking that there were some on-line Target purchases as well. I’ll have to ask Matt about that. I do know that Target has already reimbursed us for about 400 dollars that was done in an actual store. They purchased groceries and stuff from a store in California. Target agreed to that last week, so I would assume that it’s already been removed from our card. At least I would hope.

Matt called the Target Credit Card Company to see about a zero percent interest for 10 months or something and they said the best they could do was 15%!!! Matt laughed…the guy said they didn’t have any 0% promotions going on right now…(as if he couldn’t do it anyway…) and Matt explained the situation….(considering this mess is a good portion of their fault.)…the guy still wouldn’t budge, so Matt told him that he’d be hearing from us again. 15%! Can you believe it!? I can’t believe that company! They want to make a profit from this! That’s why they didn’t notify us about anything in the first place about the 400 dollar in-store purchase that happened 1 1/2 weeks before the big ones started!…arg! Unbelievable!

Want to read more about our Target Card situation? Click here for an update.


I have sent out my resume to about 7 or so different places this past weekend and plan on looking through this past Sunday’s paper for some more places. My prayer right now is that I have a bunch of interviews this week and that someone offers me a job by the time this weekend comes around. If you could also pray for this it would be greatly appreciated. I really need to start working.


We should have OFFICIAL word today. Which means Matt would be able to finally put his 2 week notice in at Target. Yippie!


Both Matt and I are doing much better. We noticed last night that whenever Matt yawned he would wheeze while sucking in the air, so I’m figuring that he still has junk in his lungs. This nasty cold weather does nothing to help heal his lungs.


14 more days to go until our 1 year anniversary. 14 more days until I can officially say that you have ALL lost the bet about us getting pregnant! Ha! Told ya so. πŸ™‚ (Although, I was having my doubts last month.) πŸ˜‰ We still don’t have any plans in motion. We would like to go stay at the hotel in Mount Vernon again for a couple of nights, but we held off with making any plans like that. At least until I officially have a job. So I guess I’ve got 2 weeks to get motivated and land myself a job. Hopefully that’ll happen this week though.



  1. Hope Matt’s job works out- where exactly will he be working. Good news on the credit cards!

  2. I am praying for blessings on you two!!
    Love, Pearl

  3. maybe Matt is allergic to all your pets. I would never have that many furry animals is my house let alone an apartment… If I were you Tonya I would wait another year to get pregnant. I think it helps a marriage to wait awhwile to have kids. The first couple years are stressful enough. I know you love kids, I did too and I probally should have waited to have kids. Don’t be dumb like me. Be smart like Kellie and Dustin!

  4. Christa-

    Nah, can’t be. πŸ˜‰ All the animals make it fun. Especially for lil kids that come over. I’m the zoo lady to most of the lil ones. πŸ™‚

    Trust me, I don’t want any kids right now. Waiting is not a problem. I was incrediably relieved when I got my period finally. I mentioned it back in a previous blog as yet another stresser since the first of the year. So no worries, we’ll be waiting awhile longer. At least until after December to even start trying or allow it to happen. We want to have the bills paid off and have a house first.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Btw, thanks for the card…some how it’s been lost by either Kel or Sue, so niether of us have actually seen what it looks like.

  5. give me your address and I will at least send you another check! sorry it got so late!

  6. […] you haven’t read my previous blog entries on this matter here are their links. Click here for the first entry. Click here for the second entry/update on the […]

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